I have been continually fascinated by figurative images that challenge conventional representation. I work with flat colours, to compliment my simple and imaginative subject matter. I am particularly interested in creating images that reflect my daily life, personal experience, memory and subconscious. This allows me to convert my autobiographical experience into images that I place in bizarre and unreal juxtapositions.

I have aproached my recent works from a Buddhist perspective. After my mother passed away I began to study Buddhism and developed a great affinity with it. I see Buddhism as a science of the mind, rather than a religion, and believe it can apply to, and influence, my art and life in many positive ways.

My reason for making art is not only a desire to constantly find new and varied ways of expressing myself but also to explore and reveal aspects of my personality previously hidden from my conscious self. My art work has developed and grown in complexity and this has led to a simultaneous growth of self awareness that has enriched me both emotionally and intellectually.